Allure Massage

a truly captivating experience

Sensual massage, Intimacy Support, Horsham


I will come & meet you & lead you to my tranquil massage room. Please make payment before the massage commences. Once you are relaxed & ready I will dim the lights. This is a good time to share with me anything I should know if you haven't done so already  so I can give you the best treatment. Please then lay on your front on the massage table where I will start stroking your back, I will slowly radiate my touch across your body whilst I feel you relax beneath my hands. At times I use other sensations to tease you with to vary the experience.

About half way through the massage session I will ask that you turn over so that I may massage your front.

At the end of your massage, I will make you comfortable by toweling the excess oil off your body & offering you a drink of water, or if you've allowed time within your appointment you can take a shower.

Please do not ask me for sex. This may be your desire, especially as the massage can become quite erotic, but never expect it to happen or ask for sex, because it will not take place, even if you're a regular client.

Unfortunately this needs to be said. Please be aware there is  CCTV cameras that monitor the outside of my premises and these recordings will be used against anyone who forcefully does something inappropriate towards me, but please be assured that this only will be used if I need to. I respect that my clients need my discretion for which I expect only kindness and courtesy  in return.

To prepare yourself

I often get asked what you can do to prepare yourself for your experience. Well reading as much information as possible on what to expect and understand that this is a close intimate experience. Please come freshly showered and manicured (sharp nails aren't great) Make sure you have eaten but not within the hour before arriving - this is important, especially if you've not had a similar experience before or you're nervous. Have a drink for your journey home to keep hydrated. Be prepared to share with me some details about yourself that will enhance your experience. If you have any fears or areas that are not to be touched I need to know.  Any medical conditions, injuries or operations may affect your massage I need to know about as I do not want to aggravate any pre-existing condition. I can then either avoid the area or help ease problems.  If you've made the first step to regain some intimacy in your life, you of course will feel nervous. But if you've come this far you're ready. I'm a really understanding and caring lady and want you to feel relaxed in my company so if you have questions that cannot be answered on my website then please send a text. The answers will make you feel more at ease and in control of your experience. Do not worry about saying the wrong thing or over stepping the line as the nature of what I do is very personal so lets be open and honest so we can both have a good time together.